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Trail Camera Research: Cochise College

Cochise College has studied the looks and the roles of the San Pedro River, as a corridor for wildlife movement in Southeastern Arizona. Cochise College seeks to identify the corridors that are used by wildlife to move between the river and other habitats, particularly sky islands. Water in the region is concentrated during certain seasons, and peaks during the summer monsoon. Seasonal patterns of corridor use, may correlate to the water patterns. Cochise College has recently shifted their focus closer to the United States and Mexician border. Cochise College is interested in documenting wildlife movement around and across the border. Cochise College also hopes to document the affect the wall between the two countries has on wildlife movement. Cochise College has already seen some surprising things, including the picture of the puma atop the wall. These pictures were taken by a local border patrol agent. The idea of a wall as a barrier, may in fact depend on the species in question. Cochise College is also collaborating with the Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as the National Park Service, to compare movement along the border in the San Pedro National Conservation Area, Coronado National Monument and San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge.

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