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Trail Camera Research: Moreno Valley College

At Moreno Valley Community College, the students do camera trapping using the Browning cameras. There are a total of seven cameras that MVC has used for the past three semesters. Camera Trapping Report on ArcGIS is  an ongoing long-term project at MVC, that includes monitoring local fauna.  Bio-12 students will deploy the cameras to track movement of animals around the campus.  The collected data will be presented on a MVC Fauna map posted on the ArcGIS website. The Camera Trapping Report involves generating a map that includes selected photos and a description of the students findings, which will also be submitted on the ArcGIS website. MVC has a Swallows Club that students are involved in, that have students take images of the swallows on campus.  MVC believes that camera trapping is a great project that helps students to stay engaged and motivated.

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