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Seminole State College of Florida

Our goal  is to support a newly developed STEM research program at Seminole State College through collaboration with research institutions in the Orlando area.  The project will facilitate internships between students in our STEM research class and mentors at universities and institutes in the area. It will also promote development of faculty expertise in biomedical research.


Faculty development at the Sanford-Burnham Medical Institute

Dr. Byfield presented importance of preparing our students for the new Biomedical Industry in Orlando to the Executive board members at the SSC.

Dr. Timothy Osborne; Director of Metabolic Signaling and Disease

Our first annual research symposium was a great success.  We are very proud of our students. They did a great job explaining their research projects to their peers - Nov. 2012

SSC Students working in nanotech lab.

Speakers - Fall 2012


Vision and Change Implementation

Integrate Core Concepts and Competencies throughout the Curriculum

  • Introduce the scientific process to students early, and integrate it into all undergraduate biology courses

  • Develop lifelong science ­learning competencies

  • Stimulate the curiosity students have for learning about the natural world

  • Demonstrate both the passion scientists have for their discipline and their delight in sharing their understanding of the world with students


Focus on Student ­Centered Learning

  • Use multiple modes of instruction in addition to the traditional lecture

  • Ensure that undergraduate biology courses are active, outcome oriented, inquiry driven, and relevant

  • Facilitate student learning within a cooperative context

  • Introduce research experiences as an integral component of biology education for all students, regardless of their major

  • Integrate multiple forms of assessment to track student learning


Promote a Campus wide Commitment to Change

  • Mobilize all stakeholders, from students to administrators, to commit to improving the quality of undergraduate biology education

  • Support the development of a true community of scholars dedicated to advancing the life sciences and the science of teaching

Engage the Biology Community in the Implementation of Change

  • Ensure that all undergraduates have authentic opportunities to experience the processes, nature, and limits of science

  • Provide all biology faculty with access to the teaching and learning research referenced throughout this report, and encourage its application when developing courses 

High Impact Practices Implementation

First ­Year Seminars and Experiences

Learning Communities

Undergraduate Research


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