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CCURI National Student Poster Session 

May 2, 2019


Hart Senate Office Building Room 902

This poster session is designed to provide community college students who are conducting undergraduate research the opportunity to share research, develop professional meeting skills and network with students from across the country. As part of this event, students will be given time to schedule meetings with congressional representatives to share how funding for undergraduate research impact the student experience. 

At this time, poster session presentations are limited to students from CCURI Partner Colleges

Attendance of the Poster Session is open to all. No registration is required to attend the poser session.


Please make note of the security requirements and prohibited items for entering the Hart Senate Office Building 



If you are a student from a CCURI Partner Colleges and need to register for the event, or are looking for additional event information, please click here

If you have already registered and need to upload your abstract, please click here

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